Is it just for the gold? (A Parker Schnabel ff Book 1)

Is it just for the gold? (A Parker Schnabel ff Book 1)

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Juliana Caylen By jccloud17 Updated Jan 21


"I'm so excited for you!" smiled my mom as she fixed my shirt.

"Stop it, mom."

"None of that, Juliana! Now go get rich!"

She pushed me towards the flight gate. I gave the man my boarding pass. He handed the boarding pass back after scanning it. I went through the line and got onto the plane. I come...I guess. I shoved my earphones in and played my music. The plane landed. Who was I looking for? I looked at the signs. 


I saw Parker Schnabel. The guy who I'm suppose to marry and I don't know a thing about him. There was a camera crew was behind him. I forgot...he's a tv personality. He's on Gold Rush.

"Hi." I said as I approached them

"You must be Juliana." smiled Parker.

I nodded and he grabbed my suitcase. He took me to his red truck. He placed my suitcase in the back. One camera man got in the back as I got into the passenger seat. Parker drove off.

"So, how old are you?" asked Parker.


"And our parents agreed to this? We've nev...

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KateRoseK KateRoseK Dec 28, 2016
The exchange rate of gold into dollars is approximately 900-1100 Dollars per ounce. So 23 ounces would be around 23000 Dollars. 
                              How did you get the value of 2000 $ for 23 ounces or did you just choose a random number?
KateRoseK KateRoseK Dec 28, 2016
Same as before: 300 ounces are approximately 300000 $ because 1 ounce ~ 1000$. But in comparison to the numbers before your exchange rate of dollars per ounce varies from 86$ per ounce and 30$ per ounce. 
                              Where do these numbers come from?