The Vampire King's Property

The Vampire King's Property

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rotemliani By rotemliani Updated May 05, 2016

In a time when Werewolf rule the west side of the world and Vampires rule the north side
A 17 years old human girl find hereself being a Vampire beloved
but not just any royal Vampire, the King of all Vampires


A/N (:

Hey guys 

So this is my first time writing a book.. 

Don't judge to much

Hope you will like it

Love Rotem (:

NerdyAlex1 NerdyAlex1 Aug 07
The cover looks horrifying and awesome at the same time 😂😂😂
heartcheeks29 heartcheeks29 Jun 14, 2016
God i love this book! Thank you for recommending it to me! I love itttttt!
akey231 akey231 May 23, 2016
So far I really like the story! Can't wait til you post more chapters!!!! 🙂
Nadia_C_ Nadia_C_ Jul 08, 2016
Ian? Is that from another show or something? Cause I have Bly know that actor as Damon from VD, at least I think that's him
kittenstealer kittenstealer May 18, 2016
Its great but there's some spelling mistakes its fine though
CharminglyCrazy CharminglyCrazy May 30, 2016
Sounds interesting. Just hope it will hold my attention as I am not one for books containing far fetched content, although I still love a good Sci-Fi story once in a while. I will keep you up to date on what I think so far.