Death Note x reader (guys x reader)

Death Note x reader (guys x reader)

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Wowie By ghosteevees Updated Mar 02

Just another Death Note x reader story, because we don't have enough already. *sarcasm* JK, I love these types of stories, so yeah, I thought it would be fun.

P.S. This is a L x reader x light and Near x reader x Mello. Yep, I pat myself on the back for my *cough* creativity. Oh, and I'm adding Matt and Matsuda in there. Just so you know. Have fun~!  ;3

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of its characters! Pretty sure you knew that, but uh well!

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Ahquiznak Ahquiznak Oct 20, 2017
I have watched that show 3 times and I wanna read the manga really bad
wintercheetah10 wintercheetah10 Aug 25, 2017
B-B-But that's the name Immah use....*crys* IT IS MEH JAPANESE NAME!!!! NUUUUUU!!! 😭
satans_spawn_75 satans_spawn_75 Jul 12, 2017
I have met some of my friends just because we both liked anime
I accidentally deleted this story from my library and I was on my phone for about 1 hour looking for it cause this is just my favorite story ever then I thought hey I might follow the author and I did so  YAY
Frizzazzle Frizzazzle Feb 14
You can have a cookie if you got that reference and two if you get the entire thing
_LizzieLovesAnime_ _LizzieLovesAnime_ May 31, 2017
Black Butler phase and Death Note are all me right now! Ciel is bae