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Living Large

Living Large

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franky93101 By franky93101 Updated Jul 16, 2016

Percy Jackson has been living on the streets ever since he was 6 years old, his step dad abused him for 2 years before he had killed Percy's mom (Sally Jackson).  Running away Percy is hunted by monsters almost every day for ten years with his sword Riptide, it was sally's parting gift to Perseus, it was the only thing he had left of his mother.
Up on Olympus, the Gods noticed a lot of monsters gathering together at one location at a time before they were all destroyed.  The Gods were curious and sent some demigods to the last known location of the monster gathering to find out what was happening.
Meanwhile all the Olympians were looking for the lost son of the sea.  Zeus and Hades were surprisingly helping with the search because they saw how bad the death of sally had affected Poseidon, the only thing he had left was his lost son.  Percy Jackson.
Will Poseidon be reunited with his son?  Will Percy help the demi-gods?  Will Percy find a new family?
Read and find out!

I do this evey time I do something dangerous and survive without an injury. FYI never had any injuries while doing so.
Ok so I may or may not have finished reading the sentence about the guy with blonde hair and scar on the.Thats when I screamed NO then I finished reading the sentence and I was like It Grace!!!
Goddess_of_sassiness Goddess_of_sassiness Nov 22, 2016
Smart Perce real smart haven't I told u 2 either give a mock salute or bow b4 u run and when u do run u need 3 yell out YOLO SUCKERS
Goddess_of_sassiness Goddess_of_sassiness Nov 22, 2016
So me....guess siblings think alike (daughter of Poseidon here)