Nail polish

Nail polish

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nothing By ShiningJimin Updated Jan 22

"why do you paint your nails?"

;i wanna feel pretty;

In which two boys met in the most cliché way.


I always procrastinate my essays because I think all my ideas are stupid and irrelevant
danyulspanyul danyulspanyul Jun 03, 2016
this was so nicely written and so pleasant to read i can't even
Outspoken_Thoughts Outspoken_Thoughts Feb 23, 2016
I get so distracted easily like rn I'm supposed to be working on my school stuff
if you get to write an essay about whatever you wanted you are really lucky man
Sugakookies- Sugakookies- Nov 02, 2016
I literally used a fanfic as my project in English once it was totally irrelevant but my teacher didn't get the references so I got a good grade
ImNotSupposedToBeMe ImNotSupposedToBeMe Aug 24, 2016
I know that Namjoon, in seriously real lifu gaiz, supports gay and lesbian rights... But will HE be gay himself?? 🤔🤔🤔🤔 damn jam, I'm talking  about real life tho Nor fanfic 😂😂