Before I Was Broken. (A Jacksepticeye,  Markipler, and FNAF Fanfiction)

Before I Was Broken. (A Jacksepticeye, Markipler, and FNAF Fanfiction)

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Jack, and Mark Fredbear are two brothers. At age 6, Jack was diagnosed with severe depression, and anxiety, after the death of his mother, which causes him to find simple things, very terrifying. Their father, is extreemly busy, and dosent return home until late, so Mark had to take care of his brother at age sixteen. Mark has always wanted a normal brother to do things with, hang out, and play video games with, but because of Jack's condition, he can't. So Mark has turned to three extremely bad influences who want to turn Jack "normal" by scaring him out of his condition. So they all take him to their father's (Vincent Fredbear) restaurant, "Freddy Fredbears" 
Mark dosent realize his mistake, until it is far too late, but Revenge dosent have an expiration date, as they say, revenge is best served cold. Jack will take his life back, and have it the way it was Before He Was Broken. 

First book in the "Before I Was Broken" Trilogy. Keep an eye out for "Nothing Can Hurt Me," And "In My Final Rest." as they will be released in due time! 

Descriptions of death
Disabled Mind Abuse
Physical Assault
Mental Torture
Descriptions of medical procedures
Physical abuse
Suicide ~ Mention

If you plan to make a se-prequel to this story, please let me know! I want to read it!

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frerardwasreal frerardwasreal May 01, 2016
They smell of blood and mucas, sorry, i should go back to fnaf fan fics
mayangleo_01 mayangleo_01 Jul 09, 2016
And dose anyone else think of fnaf 4 just by reading like the first 2 just me...ok
It_Is_Angelo It_Is_Angelo Aug 18, 2016
I don't get the reference and I feel left out so I'm going back to tumblr.
It_Is_Angelo It_Is_Angelo Aug 18, 2016
How old is Jack supposed to be in this fanfic, cause even I don't call my dad dada.
It_Is_Angelo It_Is_Angelo Aug 18, 2016
                              he looked to his little cock I'M DYING
Wren_is_Right Wren_is_Right Oct 19, 2015
Awe so cute. It's awesome! Also I see what your doing here and as long as Jack doesn't get hurt then I probably won't get mad and/or cry.