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Fantasy Roleplay

Fantasy Roleplay

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king faggot jack day By _carara Completed

In the title! PM me for any questions, suggestions etc. Have fun!
EXTRA NOTE: I was an active roleplayer when this book was first created, but that was over a year ago. I am no longer actively roleplaying, but might if I feel in the mood to so hey I'm keeping my OCs up for now. Forms are no longer being 'accepted' by me or anyone else, I'm putting my trust in you that you'll read (and abide by) the rules. An extra thanks to everyone who has read and role-played in this book - because it has gotten so big, I'll never delete it. Thanks again, peace ;)

Linnoser Oka is half fire dragon (not evil)
                              Brooklyn Devyl is just a regular human
                              Siren Shi is half black wolf (can't hold urges for blood when transformation)
                              Onoshu Sai is a dark elf at night
Siren shi.
                              He loves playing with his next door neighbor Onoshu. They have sword fights all the time and dot live in royal or rich family's. They are half cousins but are not blood-relatives. Everyone doesn't believe cause how different they are
Brooklyn Devyl: always bragging, party girl, "thinks" she is smart, outgoing, flirtatious,funny,creative,nice,popular,clumsy,pleased,loved,lier,sweet,loyal,greedy,not very smart,scaredy cat,never calm,gentle,bubbly
Character 1. linnoser Oka (female) nickname:Linno
                              Character 2. Brooklyn Devyl. (Female) Nickname: Brook
                              Character 3. Siren Shi (male) nickname: Ren
                              Character 4. Onoshu Sai nickname: Ono
Linnoser Oka: The Shawmen family.
                              Mother and father (fake mother real father)
                              Brothers (alive) sisters (dead)
Linnoser Oka 13
                              Brooklyn Devyl 13 as well
                              Siren Shi 15
                              Onoshu Sai 18