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Fantasy Roleplay

Fantasy Roleplay

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kira:): By _carara Completed

In the title! PM me for any questions, suggestions etc. Have fun!
EXTRA NOTE: I was an active roleplayer when this book was first created, but that was over a year ago. I am no longer actively roleplaying, but might if I feel in the mood to so hey I'm keeping my OCs up for now. Forms are no longer being 'accepted' by me or anyone else, I'm putting my trust in you that you'll read (and abide by) the rules. An extra thanks to everyone who has read and role-played in this book - because it has gotten so big, I'll never delete it. Thanks again, peace ;)

Red-Rose165 Red-Rose165 Jul 16
Name: Ameris Thornbush
                              Nickname: Risty
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Personality: lively, adventuress, brave
                              Other: Thief/Bandit and can blend in with the shadows.
bossclichequeen bossclichequeen 20 hours ago
Deep red hear, ruby ears and tail, bright blue bandana covering ears, bright green eyes, usually wears all black.
Sky_Doshi Sky_Doshi Jun 25
                              Species: werewolf 
                              Human form:black hoodie and blue jeans with bare feet his hair is black with a red stripe 
                              Wolf form:first color is black secondary color is red and he has a bolt on his left thigh witch is red and his eyes are blue
                              Again JOBIII :3
bossclichequeen bossclichequeen 20 hours ago
Forced to kill her family and turned into a thief because it's her way of "taking back what was once hers, something precious"
Name:  Blake
                              Species: elf
                              Gender: female
                              Age: 13
                              Personality: mysterious, crazy when you get to know her.
Wonderway32 Wonderway32 a day ago
Name: Serinity Smoak
                              Nickname: Serinity
                              Species: human
                              Sexuality: straight
                              Age: 19
                              Apperance: long white hair and soft blue eyes
                              Personality: clumsy. Funny. Brave. Selfish
                              Family: N/A
                              Other: She can copy other's magic.