Dino's Twin? (Seventeen Imagine)

Dino's Twin? (Seventeen Imagine)

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MINGYU.COM By gyuhosh Updated Jan 25

"Yah Lee Daea! Stop eating those chips!" Dino said to his little sister.

"Shut up." Lee Daea said to him.

When Lee Chan or his stage name (Dino), and Lee Daea already reached the age of 17,their parents said that Dino must take care of his sister but he didn't want to because he lives with 12 guys and he don't want his twin sister to be known to the members and also to the fans. 

How is Lee Daea's life when she lives with 12 boys plus her twin brother in a house? 

Can Dino take care of his twin?

What will the Seventeen members react when they know that Dino have another him but a girl version? 

Enjoy this new imagine, Carats!

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