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"It feeds on negative emotions caused by pain, chaos, and strife. It has the speed, the strength and fighting skills as an Original Vampire"

"So basically this mysterious supernatural creature is an Original Vampire?"

"The Nogitsune is a lot worst."

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fckshtfck fckshtfck Jul 24
You mean new Orleans. Everyone's saying beacon but that only has a small pack, mystic only has a few vamps, some hybrids and a witch, but new Orleans has dozens of witches  and hundreds of vamps
EliLelie EliLelie Jun 30
Its beacon hills.  You guys only have vampire witchea and werewolf. In beacon hills...  You cant even count using your fingers
Omg he's so scary...
                              Bet he could kill a whole town in 30 minutes 
                              He's probably the spawn of Satin 
                              He might even be Satin 
                              (Nearly wrote daddy instead of satin)
issapizza issapizza Sep 30
Supernatural population: 13017134
                              Human population: matt Donovan
SophiaADrummond SophiaADrummond Aug 17, 2016
I'm not trying to be obnoxious, but here's just one tiny tip: you should try starting of the sentences a little differently. I found you kept doing the "Elena did this. Elena did that. Erik did this." Just a tip :^]
brother_moose brother_moose Nov 12, 2016
Why do I ship it I should most definitely not ship it yikes someone help me