Our Family (Sasuke x Naruto) [DISCONTINUE]

Our Family (Sasuke x Naruto) [DISCONTINUE]

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KoiNeko >3< By Koi_Neko Updated 10 hours ago

Naruto had rape by his friend Sasuke and end up pregnant with Sasuke baby.  After the baby born Naruto try his best to make his baby not know the father.  Will Naruto able to protect his baby from know his father real identity???

mpreg and Yaoi!

I don't own Naruto!


KagayakuTsuki KagayakuTsuki Sep 22, 2016
Ohmygod.... I'm having trouble processing this.... The part where Naruto is supposed to be biologically a dude but he just pushed a baby out of him... -_-
triggercr triggercr Oct 28, 2016
How in hell did naruto got pregnant? Where did the baby past out? HOW
HeyYou_NotYou_You HeyYou_NotYou_You Oct 08, 2016
Is like no one confused dat they just placed the baby on his chest lik
                              "HERE HAV YO BABY!!"
Koi_Neko Koi_Neko Oct 20, 2015
I will ^^. but something wrg with my tab. I'm fix my tab now