First & Last Kiss • Daryl Dixon ✔️

First & Last Kiss • Daryl Dixon ✔️

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They were each other's first for many things. 

They were each other's first kiss.

First relationship. 

First lover. 

Daryl could open up to Ella in ways he couldn't with anyone else. 

It was like they were meant to be. 

It's just a shame that so shortly after they come together they are ripped apart from each other in the most brutal manor. 

I have to admit my knowledge of the saviours and what they do, as well as Negan is very limited I'm not even that far along in the comics. 

So I apologise if I have portrayed Negan wrong in my story. 


This was my first ever The Walking Dead Fanfiction. 

I have recently been changing it to flow with the current story line the show is going by. 



This will contain a brutal death. It's not described in detail but it's there and I thought I should give a warning. 

There is also a lead up to smut and a bit of a description but nothing major.

If you have a problem with either don't be leaving hate comments just cross out now. That's all I can say on the matter. 


Be sure to vote and comment letting me know what you think of this story. 

Also some of the comments may seem our of place. Just ignore them. 

Short chapter but to the point...well kind off 

Now on with Chapter One

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Dun_Goofed Dun_Goofed Feb 18, 2016
There's nothing much to say....other than I loved it, like all your story's!😁😀 Keep it up!
ana1012131 ana1012131 Apr 17, 2016
I love that!!! That's sooo adorable!!! This is officially what in going to read first from my huge selection of TWD fanfic in my library
youcouldbeeddie youcouldbeeddie Nov 22, 2016
Am I the only person who's first thought was Resident Evil 4 the videogame? Lmfao
Dun_Goofed Dun_Goofed Mar 05, 2016
Wow, this is the first born that started all the amazing walking dead FanFictions you have created 😂😂