The Choosing Ceremony

The Choosing Ceremony

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Each time when an alpha king is crowned, there will be a choosing ceremony. 

What's a choosing ceremony? 

Well, in the werewolf world, humans are worthless and that's when the werewolf claimed the human rights and now, humans are just their slaves.

The choosing ceremony is where all human above eighteen to twenty-three years old, attending the choosing ceremony. Each werewolf gets to take any human they want.

Zander Austin Blake, the next werewolf that is going to take the crown has to choose a human slave at the choosing ceremony and gets to use her anyhow until he find his mate.

Meanwhile, Skyler Vex Shorne is a human, worthless in werewolf's eyes and has been serving an elder that serves in the Royal Pack since she was born. 

What will happen?


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Bepbadatusernamesbop Bepbadatusernamesbop Jan 11, 2017
"Until he finds his mate" Why don't all the werewolves his age just have a choosing ceremony and he finds his mate...?
Bepbadatusernamesbop Bepbadatusernamesbop Jan 11, 2017
So just make sure you aren't 18 to 23 when a king dies, simple
RandomlyEloquent RandomlyEloquent Jun 21, 2016
Um. . Idk. . It's sounds good and I know it's probably amazing but. . Eh. . Not my type.. thumbs up for the non cliché though!
- - Nov 25, 2015
I don't know, I have ESPN, not esp, you tell me what's going to happen.