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Queen (Loki X Reader)

Queen (Loki X Reader)

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Marvel Trash By fangirl-of-midgard Completed

Random AU(?) in which (Y/n) is a princess and is in an  arranged marriage with none other than the God of Mischief. But there's a jealous noblewoman by the name of Sigyn who wants Loki for herself. And she will do anything to make that possible. Will be a bit hard to follow at first, but (hopefully) gets better.

First of all, I always look THAT great, thank you very much, my love!
                              Second, I see you liked me since the first moment you laid eyes on me! I did as well, Loki dear!
                              Finally, you dirty, little Prince! Of course I want to wear your clothes, but the sexy moments will remain for the after-wedding!
Let's take out the Survival Pack! Shall we? *takes out Harry Potter Series, Percy Jackson Series, The Mortal Instruments Series* Let's survive boredom!
And just like that, Thor was friendzoned because of too much muscle, Loki was promoted because of his perfect self and I completely related to.. well,.. me.
Oh, Loki dear. Differently from them, I actually own you! We'll be married soon enough. Those women will have to cry your loss. Though, I assure you I'm innerly "fangirl" screaming and would just like to embrace and kiss you and be held bridal style by your strong arms!
Loki! You shouldn't judge a book by its cover! Get to know me first and then get to conclusions! I still love you, though.
Doomed to fall in love with M/N and experience "happily ever after". What a fate! Wish I were there to watch! Oh, wait... I am M/N. *DUM DUM DUUUM*