Void Stiles Book1 (Teenwolf Fanfiction) EDITING

Void Stiles Book1 (Teenwolf Fanfiction) EDITING

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Munira Ahmed By moonlight_shine Completed

They all think it's all over because Void Stiles is dead. Well, they are wrong! 

'YOU CANT KILL ME!' I said to them. However, did they listen? NO!

I warned them that I can't be destroyed. I'm back and looking for revenge. I won't stop until they're all dead.Scott is my main target. I don't only want Scott to die, i also want him to suffer. Badly. Now that Alison and Aiden are dead it will be easier for me to attack again. 

Good luck Scott and good luck to everyone else too

It's better if u watch the show teenwolf first to understand the story better.

This is Book 1!!!! Read Book 2 and 3 next please : )

I don't own any characters apart from Cathy. Neither, do I own any settings.

You can give me ideas in the comments.




I hope you like it ; )

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Servanah Servanah Jan 28
that was faaastttt, damn too faaast
                              SONICCCC DID YOU WROTE THAT STORYYY?
My_Psycho_Boys My_Psycho_Boys Jul 24, 2017
Just wanted to know, what program did you use for the video? I keep trying to find editors to make my videos, but the video was so good I want to know what editor it is
Servanah Servanah Jan 28
Idk why, but i like Void Stiles veryyy much, maybe cuz he is strong and hot and stuff u kno ;33.. should  people ship Void Stiles and Derek? o-o,, just came in my mind
matsurhiannon matsurhiannon Mar 20, 2016
The last scene in the video, where is that part from? I've never seen that in any episodes
SofieAnna90 SofieAnna90 Feb 26, 2016
I kind a want Void Stiles back in Teen Wolf...
                              He was scary yes, but also fun in a weird way
oflostfeelings oflostfeelings Jan 14, 2017
already stopped reading due to the grammar. please before writing check your grammar!