I Love You, I Love You Not | ✔

I Love You, I Love You Not | ✔

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Amethyst Victor By AmeVicky02 Completed

Eighteen-year-old Leena Faye is a lot of things. Frizzy-haired, brown-eyed, and shortish. Lonely, insecure, and scared. A victim of bullying, she is estranged from her best and only friend. Most of all, she is desperate to escape everything that she is. Packing every bit of courage and hope into her suitcase, she travels to Los Angeles during her gap year to visit her ex-stepmother, Claire.

In LA, Leena discovers secondhand books, giant muffins, confessions, secrets, and a quaint café called Java Lava. There, she meets Jason Hunter, a barista with heterochromatic eyes, who shows her a side of the City of Angels that she never knew existed.

Suddenly, Leena Faye's world is full of laughter, excitement, and uncertainty. An uncertainty that could leave her with impossible choices and inevitable heartbreak.

WARNING: This story contains strong language and sexual content.

|Gorgeous cover made by @__loststar|

SubAstra SubAstra Nov 16
The first one, its aesthatically pleasing and different. It immediately intrigues you.
laughter989 laughter989 Nov 13
I just completed "Lighthouse Lullaby" and it's so good so I can't help but read this one too..❤