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Fascinate  /ˈfasəˌnāt/ (v. ) draw irresistibly the attention and interest of (someone) 
That's when I saw him. The second we made eye contact. And I knew it was over. 

(Y'all need to know I wrote this in the 6th grade. It's stupid and sometimes cringey. Do not comment dumb shit on here because I'm telling you know it's dumb stuff in here)


halseyismyidol halseyismyidol 7 days ago
Lucky.. my mom won't let me have a black leather jacket 😢😢
He would be such a healthier snack if he didn't smoke(if you get what I did props to you😉)
why mug tho or give dirty looks that's childish😑 (oh yea they're high school girls..duh) it's not like she's thirsty 😔
jiminchiimm jiminchiimm Jul 25
Nah nigga u should be sayin really with the 7th grade outfit💁
Nah fam if u don't get yo ass back in that closet and put on something else on you ain't in 8th grade
If I was to wear that shirt at my school they would've kicked me out😂😂