Fairy tail: The Princess of the Galaxies

Fairy tail: The Princess of the Galaxies

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Kate_Loves_Anime By Kate_Luna_FT Updated Aug 09, 2016


The Lisanna returns, Lucy kicked out of Team Natsu, finds out she's the Princess cliche. With a little twist! Lucy is the Princess of the Galaxies and will go on different adventures with anime crossovers! 

Please read and enjoy!

Oh, and I do not own Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima does.(that how u spell it?)

Note: I changed the title. It used to be Fairy Tail, the Revenge of Lucy Heartfilia. Also changed cover.

HyliaRoseisnotonfire HyliaRoseisnotonfire Jul 29, 2016
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Cana__Alberona__ Cana__Alberona__ Mar 13, 2016
Lisanna: You know. I've only been gone for like 5+ years that's all. After not seeing you so long I'm just gonna say hey guys I'm back (sarcastic time)😂😂😆😆
CutieRwby35 CutieRwby35 Aug 08, 2016
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