street fighting

street fighting

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Tee Tee By squidiiot Updated Aug 22, 2017

stone Thunder (Lotus Dragon): 17, dyed green hair, tanned, hazel eyes, 173cm tall.

Ben Thunder (silent Gallow): 20, brown hair, tanned, hazel eyes, 200cm tall.

Lisa Thunder (wolf): 41, blonde wavy hair, tanned, blue eyes, 169 cm tall.

Steven Thunder (Big Fella): 45, Brown hair, tanned, green eyes, 250cm tall.

The Thunder Family are the street fighting.

Luka (Flame): 18, blonde hair, tanned, grey eyes, 199cm tall.
Jake (fire): 18, black hair, pale, blue eyes, 180cm tall.

Dillon (wind): 18, Brown hair, pale, hazel eyes, 195cm tall.
Aaron (cold): 18, red hair, tanned, hazel eyes, 190cm tall.

sexy bad boys who street fight.

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A-Lemon-Tree A-Lemon-Tree Aug 10, 2016
I now imagine her calling him Lulu or something when she sees him now  😂