Miss Me?

Miss Me?

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_aamci By _aamci Updated Nov 13, 2019

Alexia Spencer was the 'fat' nerd that sat in the back of the class. She lived with her mother in BloodMoon Pack. She was always classified as a 'freak' because of her  baggy clothes.

Aaron Singe is the badass player of the BlueMoon Pack. He's also their soon-to-be Alpha. He didn't even know who Alexia was until the day he found out they were mates. 

Aaron doesn't want Alexia, so he rejects her for her slut of a cousin, Stacy. Alexia didn't know what to do so she did the only thing she could, moved to her dad's pack. 

Now 4 years later Alexia is Alpha of the strongest and most vicious pack in the world, the RedBlood Pack. She also has a daughter, Alexandra. The BlueMoon Pack needs help training and fighting against rouges. So they call the RedBlood Pack for help. Can Alexia overcome this challenge? Maybe she can, she's not alone. She has her pack and her daughter at her side.

Join Alexia and her friends on an Action packed adventure to 'dark pits of hell' AKA-Home.