Kakashi Love Story (SEASON 1)  ✓

Kakashi Love Story (SEASON 1) ✓

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Hidemicchi By Hidemii- Completed


You're the jinchuuriki  of the village konoha and you don't know it yet. People  from the village look at you with those hateful eyes, your classmates too. 

Guys and girls at your school are bullying you. No one ever did talk to you, until the day you meet the masked guy. 
Your life begins to change.

You thought  he would be the same as every person in the village. You thought he wouldn't talk to you, like all other people did. Or... Safe you from those guys who bullied you the most.

After that you and the masked guy began to talk more. A few months passed, and you and he began to like each other . 

But what will happen if he comes to know that you're the jinchuuriki , the kyuubi inside you that killed his father ? 

Will he stop loving you ? 
Will he leave you? 
Avenge you? 

Or will he stay by your side, to protect  you and stop the hatred against you from the village.....

A story of action,fantasy,martial arts,super power,and romance..!

~DISCLAIMER : I do NOT own " Naruto " ,  I only own the story of this fanfic and my OC's.~

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