All Hail The Mist (Prv. Avengers-- Mist) Book I

All Hail The Mist (Prv. Avengers-- Mist) Book I

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Queen of the Shadow Throne By WhiteFlame9 Completed

I know what I am. I know what I have to do. I remember the pain. I remember their faces, some blank, some twisted in fear and anguish. I remember the stench, the taste, the sight; all my senses can still tell me what that day was like. I remember seeing the flash and then looking up to see a hilt flying at my head. I remember the blackness and the sense of security it brought me. I thought I was dead for a long time. I remember all of my past; I just can't remember who I am. 
So I made a new identity.  One that would and could never be forgotten. I have many names, many appearances, and I have much blood on my hands. I have been thrown into a pit of darkness. Many like me have decided to wallow in their misery, to stay in their pit and never find a way out. But I, I made my decision when I heard the blood curling scream of the dead crying out for a warrior to avenge them. For a warrior to rise and forge a path of blood using the Sword of Souls. One small cut from this blade and your soul will forever be bound to it and its master. 
I am the Blind Soul Master, Shadow, Death. I am Mist and I have come to avenge the Dead.


The cover was done by SeaTheWords  
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