Tattooed {Oliver Sykes}

Tattooed {Oliver Sykes}

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"Alice, can you take over, I need to run an errand." Jason, my boss asked me. 

"Okay sure Jace" I said getting up out of my seat and walking over to the front desk. I sat myself down on the stool and watched my boss walk out the front door. 

I twirled my red hair in my finger and when there had been no people coming through the door, I walked over to the nearby mirror and looked at myself, fixing my outfit.

I had been wearing white ripped skinnies, a black tank top, and a pair of black Vans. My red hair was piled on top of my head, except for a few pieces that framed my face. I had several ear piercings and my dermal, with a white star top. I had plenty of tattoos, several on my arms, including roses up near my shoulder, an owl on my forearm on the right side, and on the left, I had feathers and birds traveling up to my neck. I had many others but most of them were hidden while I looked in the mirror. 

As soon as my thoughts took me away, and I was examining my tattoos in the mirro...

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brosia_clownfish brosia_clownfish Sep 14, 2017
Ok hi so I'm American and I'm not that mean😂🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
I don't consider myself american since I was born in Europe and just moved to America I consider myself emo trash
I don't think of myself as American. I think of myself as Gothic/Emo German
WhatACatchBonnie WhatACatchBonnie Oct 26, 2017
Stereotyping is not cool. Not cool. I'm sure there are many nice americans out there, you just may have not met them.
bluedrummergirl bluedrummergirl Dec 10, 2017
In my defence I'm not that bad but in all honesty I would have to agree but like I said I'm not that bad but yet again you could be saying that about many different bands so kinda a disgrace
I can't put my finger in peanut butter.  I usually double-dip w/ spoons though