Tattooed {Oliver Sykes}

Tattooed {Oliver Sykes}

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"Alice, can you take over, I need to run an errand." Jason, my boss asked me. 

"Okay sure Jace" I said getting up out of my seat and walking over to the front desk. I sat myself down on the stool and watched my boss walk out the front door. 

I twirled my red hair in my finger and when there had been no people coming through the door, I walked over to the nearby mirror and looked at myself, fixing my outfit.

I had been wearing white ripped skinnies, a black tank top, and a pair of black Vans. My red hair was piled on top of my head, except for a few pieces that framed my face. I had several ear piercings and my dermal, with a white star top. I had plenty of tattoos, several on my arms, including roses up near my shoulder, an owl on my forearm on the right side, and on the left, I had feathers and birds traveling up to my neck. I had many others but most of them were hidden while I looked in the mirror. 

As soon as my thoughts took me away, and I was examining my tattoos in the mirro...

I'm originally from Scotland but I've moved to America, and oh my gosh some Americans are so rude
queensibbs queensibbs Nov 13
X is actually hug because you cross your arms. O is kiss because your lips are in that shape when you kiss. I just wanted to say 🤓
I feel the need to defend my country....but it's actually really true...sooo.....I'm not....
True 😂😂 especially Americans that live in small towns like mine
Yeah because its a super good idea to give a man you just met at a tattoo shop yoURE HOME ADDRESS
unbeachtete unbeachtete Sep 10
BUT AMERICANS CAN BE SICK AF MAN i met so many hella cool dudes from america
                              but i can't really judge you. i'm german.