Caffeine : a Jaspar AU

Caffeine : a Jaspar AU

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College isn't that interesting. Caspar knew that. His roommate was a bit quiet. He knew that also. Joe stayed up at night, thinking and wishing and remembering, unable to fall asleep. That was the one thing Caspar Lee didn't know just yet. 



angelinaullrich angelinaullrich Jul 21, 2016
All i could think about now is Dan and Phil playing akinator
kaylasgg kaylasgg May 02, 2016
Josh oli and Caspar!! But why is his blood cold? Like wtf Joseph?
peachpng peachpng Apr 30, 2016
why am i thinking about those emo people in 2008 where they have huge hair covering 50% of their face and you couldfind them under the stairs and they would say "raawr! XD"
kaylasgg kaylasgg May 02, 2016
That he can give you the best hand j- ... Hand shake. Yh. Hand shake..
ClassicFangirl ClassicFangirl May 20, 2016
I can't feel my face when I'm with you but I love it
                              Sorry I'll stop now
yoitskelseyy_ yoitskelseyy_ Mar 02, 2016
I'm staying in a hotel and that's literally my room. Number 312 on the third floor.