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Money Knows No Bounds

Money Knows No Bounds

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Sean Brocker By GingerlyRed Updated Jun 17, 2016

The year is 2020, the facade of how police departments conduct justice has fallen and are being reformed, but the police are not the only ones who are changing. Men and women within organized crime, who have come to love and miss the honor and respect of 1920's mafias, have recreated them fitting themselves with the high pillars of what made organized crime great. They have planted seeds of acceptance within the reforming police so they will be left alone so long as they help tone down the high violence of crime by themselves while the police get their act together. Peace is created, yet some of the middle men in certain mafias are not liking the way the leaders are running the show. They decide to take matters into their own hands and hire mercenaries to preform off the books hits and stir up tensions and create rivalry between the high mafias. One of the mafias this happens to is the Toutre family, one of the few African American run mafias who run almost an entire city. John Kanter and his mercenary brethren take on a job to take out Don Toutre, their reason? They have no clue, but the money  is good.

TwinComics TwinComics Jul 07, 2016
You've got a pretty good talent in writing. I like the way you used imagery. Out of the entire beginning page, I have to admit that my favorite paragraph is the first one. Taking one thing and turning into something else was pretty brilliant.
Mishapocalypsed Mishapocalypsed Sep 09, 2016
It was really good, but mob stories just aren't my style... Im not saying it is bad though, because it is not.
RemedyCloaker RemedyCloaker Jun 30, 2016
I like it.  It got a bit "listy" at times,  but I think some editing would straighten that right up.  Good job.
ellie_wacker ellie_wacker Aug 25, 2016
This is awesome...I love the twist to the cliche "it was a dark and stormy night." Well done :)
TheDraxWar TheDraxWar Jul 01, 2016
I loved the warning chapter. Very suspenseful. It tells you so much without telling you anything at all.
TheDraxWar TheDraxWar Jul 03, 2016
I think it would do you favors to describe the people getting shot, you completely skip that.