Haunted addiction

Haunted addiction

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heyitsbailey707 By heyitsbailey707 Updated Feb 13

"I'm so sorry, but it seems like you have a demon in your house" 

"Why is the demon in our house" 

"Because he's addicted"

"Addicted to what" 

"Your daughter"

tuhijacristina tuhijacristina Jul 02, 2016
"No sweetie, nothing is wrong. Just go to sleep." 
                              *turns light out & sprints out of the room as fast as humanely possible*
BleuHerring BleuHerring Apr 05, 2016
Loll her parents will freak when they see their five year old talking to nothing
MayMay1Queen MayMay1Queen Mar 06, 2016
I would b like da flash and ran out of da room then get a knife
DanabearXO DanabearXO Jul 13, 2016
*puts daughter in bed*
                              Mommy we're are you going
                              To the strip club hun
                              So I can make the dallo bills hun
                              Can I come 
                              No hun
                              Get yo ass to sleep
                              Ok  bye  mommy
music_lover2802 music_lover2802 May 02, 2016
If I was her:
                              "Hey I have a question?"
                              "Why are sleeping with a 6 year old girl? What is wrong with you mister!?"
                              Maybe it's just me but I rather not be friends with a demon!
Behold_A_Reader Behold_A_Reader Jun 29, 2016
Makes me think of a werewolf with a young mate... yeah, so it's not allowed to be creepy, CAPISCE?!