Haunted addiction

Haunted addiction

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heyitsbailey707 By heyitsbailey707 Updated Jul 17

"I'm so sorry, but it seems like you have a demon in your house" 

"Why is the demon in our house" 

"Because he's addicted"

"Addicted to what" 

"Your daughter"

"No sweetie, nothing is wrong. Just go to sleep." 
                              *turns light out & sprints out of the room as fast as humanely possible*
BleuHerring BleuHerring Apr 05
Loll her parents will freak when they see their five year old talking to nothing
I would b like da flash and ran out of da room then get a knife
DanabearXO DanabearXO Jul 13
*puts daughter in bed*
                              Mommy we're are you going
                              To the strip club hun
                              So I can make the dallo bills hun
                              Can I come 
                              No hun
                              Get yo ass to sleep
                              Ok  bye  mommy
If I was her:
                              "Hey I have a question?"
                              "Why are sleeping with a 6 year old girl? What is wrong with you mister!?"
                              Maybe it's just me but I rather not be friends with a demon!
Makes me think of a werewolf with a young mate... yeah, so it's not allowed to be creepy, CAPISCE?!