The Angel's Song // Eristine

The Angel's Song // Eristine

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Morgan Aubel By morgan_aubel Completed

After soon to be queen of France Christine Daae runs away with lonely musical genius Erik, her entire world changes. 



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Creative_OC Creative_OC Aug 10
Quinn: "Don't tell me. She's gonna die?"
                              Erik: "HOW DID YOU GUESS!?"
Creative_OC Creative_OC Aug 10
Quinn: "You know, I'll marry the fop and Christine takes Erik! He won't notice."
Creative_OC Creative_OC Aug 10
*There is a knock on the door*
                              Raoul: "Christine? Is that you?"
                              Quinn: *Christine voice* "Raoul, I must have my beauty sleep. Please don't disturb me."
                              Raoul: "Okay."
Creative_OC Creative_OC Aug 10
*Meg opens the door to the library*
                              *She sees a book fort*
                              *Quinn picks up her bazooka*
                              Quinn: "Get your own book fort bub!"
                              Meg: "O....Okay."
                              *She closes the door*
Creative_OC Creative_OC Aug 10
                              This makes sense!
                              *Quinn bursts into Christine's room*
                              *She stuffs Christine into a bag*
                              *She hands her to one of her henchmen*
                              Quinn: "Take her away boys!"
                              *They leave*
                              *Quinn puts on makeup and puts on a dress*
                              Quinn: "I will soon be queen baby!!"
lndlover lndlover Oct 04, 2016
                              I BEG YOU
                              IF YOU CAN
                              I'VE BROUGHT YOU NOTHING BUT WAR