To Face The Past -Septiplier- (Book 2)

To Face The Past -Septiplier- (Book 2)

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Nerf History By Lynn_Shawe Completed

Sequel to Stripped though it will only be referenced a couple of times through out the story.

When things finally look up for the couple Sean gets a call from his mother who had thrown him out to the world all alone after figuring out his sexuality. His family comes to America to see him again and how his life is going, also to check up on his partner.

With all of this craziness and memories will Sean's family drive Mark away? Or will he manage to keep the promise he made to Sean?

yan_chan69 yan_chan69 Aug 28, 2016
For a moment I thought it was gonna say "how's it going bros?" XD idky
the_girl_warrior the_girl_warrior Dec 13, 2016
Oh cool (but yah better not be checking out mark or I I'll tear your eyes and AND personality drag you to hell)😇😇😇😇
DarkMagic120 DarkMagic120 Oct 11, 2016
oh hex no
                              wait what?!
                              I (I mean Jack) has a sister?
                              Bria why don't you tell me these things?-_- 
                              love you La'Bria #^-^#
SugarySky SugarySky Nov 20, 2016
                              DADDYS WEARING SOME FLANNEL TONIGHT 
                              LUCKY FLANNEL MY HOES
RadicalDragon678 RadicalDragon678 Nov 05, 2016
I understand that your mad at your mom and all, but that doesn't mean you have to through your phone across the room!
the_girl_warrior the_girl_warrior Dec 13, 2016