Be mine {Completed}

Be mine {Completed}

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Kiran Hafeez By kiranhafeez Completed

I opened my eyes to see her.She was sitting on the floor.Moonlight was making her face shine.Her eyes were teary making my heart hurt.She took deep breath and opened her hairs,and placed them on one shoulder.My heart skip its beats.

She took my breath away.She was looking so beautiful that I couldn't remove my eyes from her.She turn to see me and I closed my eyes to show her that I was sleeping.

I opened my eyes after a while and fixed my eyes on her.Her tears were rolling down on her cheeks.I was feeling my heart hurting seeing her like this.

"you are responsible for theses tears,she's crying because you hurt her." My conscience shake me and I felt the guilt inside me.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Meet zeeniya a girl who is unwanted to everyone specially to her parents.No one loves her.What happened when She got married to a person who was not interested in her??He was trapped to marry her in order to save his sister's marriage.

Be with zeeniya in her journey of her life..

jihanmalik jihanmalik Oct 06
Is it a cultural thing to not like dark skins because that's not even okay
Misty223 Misty223 May 13
Poor girl! Shes like cinderella but without her stepparents.
jihanmalik jihanmalik Oct 06
Her mom and dad are pathetic as f*ck   Why do people like them even exist disgusting 😷😷😷😷
Assalam Aleykum. Wooow I really like the story line. Have recently joined wattpad and being on the spiritual this is the first story have uploaded with skin colour differences can't wait to read the story hopefully all would understand colour is not all about a person. Thanks
zeniaali890 zeniaali890 Feb 29
My god I like these kinds of stories than you thank you ........ very much. Muaaaa 😙.
superb_zari superb_zari Nov 02
Was just reading our Arrange Marriage when I noticed that below the title it was written sequel to mine *I forgot the name 😁😁😁* stupid me.