Proxies x Reader

Proxies x Reader

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Cuke 4 the win By AvionSpacer Updated Jul 25

You were, bullied, abused, name it!

Till you meet 3 men, phychotic, murderous men

how do you explain it!

But the boi has CIPA.
                              He can't feel pain.
                              Reader must have cast some freaky juju witchcraft magic on him to make that hurt.
The only reason why hoodie stuttered on Jeff's name is because hoodie secretly has a crush on Jeff even thought I'm a proud shipped or hoodie x masky
KawaiiPandaGirl33 KawaiiPandaGirl33 Nov 22, 2015
That's something I would say 
                              I find the proxies or maybe Jeff
                              "....okay then I'll be going to narnia now....bye!"