Proxies x Reader

Proxies x Reader

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Cuke 4 the win By AvionSpacer Updated Jul 25, 2016

You were, bullied, abused, name it!

Till you meet 3 men, phychotic, murderous men

how do you explain it!

If you guys watch Marble Hornets you realize Brian ain't no b*tch.... He doesn't stutter. He sure as hell isn't a uke.
No offense.... It kind of annoys me when people make "Hoodie" stutter though... And when they say Tim loves cheesecake (because it's a fat joke and Tim is my lil' cinnamon roll)
Toby can't feel pain and hoodie's hood is orange and Masky's jacket is yellow/tan
Shadowcat2233 Shadowcat2233 Dec 30, 2016
Wtf masky gets annoyed by toby he doesn't just randomly beat him
succubaby succubaby Oct 31, 2016
But the boi has CIPA.
                              He can't feel pain.
                              Reader must have cast some freaky juju witchcraft magic on him to make that hurt.
Shadowcat2233 Shadowcat2233 Dec 30, 2016
Toby has a problem or something where he is numb to pain with he can feel the presure which can be mistaked as pain