Proxies x Reader

Proxies x Reader

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Cuke 4 the win By AvionSpacer Updated Jul 25, 2016

You were, bullied, abused, name it!

Till you meet 3 men, phychotic, murderous men

how do you explain it!

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BrownieWinters8 BrownieWinters8 Sep 27, 2017
Umm.. I thought he couldn't feel pain because of C.I.P.A in all
KK_IS_THE_1ST KK_IS_THE_1ST Dec 25, 2017
IDK THIS IS FUNNY 😄 anyway I don’t care if he can feel or not I just love the story
musicalnight musicalnight Sep 13, 2017
"Nag, nag, nag, NAG!!" 
                              props to anyone who gets it ^^ just a small tip in case it's not that obvious 
                              "September 1st, 1989. Dear diary~!"
FennecTheKitsune FennecTheKitsune May 08, 2017
If you guys watch Marble Hornets you realize Brian ain't no b*tch.... He doesn't stutter. He sure as hell isn't a uke.
FennecTheKitsune FennecTheKitsune May 08, 2017
No offense.... It kind of annoys me when people make "Hoodie" stutter though... And when they say Tim loves cheesecake (because it's a fat joke and Tim is my lil' cinnamon roll)
KadaForest10464 KadaForest10464 Feb 21, 2017
Toby can't feel pain and hoodie's hood is orange and Masky's jacket is yellow/tan