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"The secrets of dreams keeps us safe,reminding our subconscious of what we can't face in our waking hours."

Renee's forgotten memories creep like shadows into her waking world. Outwardly an ordinary teenager, struggling with school and her parents divorce, she's gradually sucked into a realm of faeries, angels and creatures she never imagined could exist.

When Gage and Castiel move into town, Renee must flee the wrath of the Unseelie Queen, who's already killed her several times in the past few centuries. This time, armed with memories, friends, and the Seelie Fae court, will she be able to escape dying for the last time?

Incarnate is the first book in the contemporary young adult fantasy Incarnate series. It's a story about a young woman in search of her identity. A story of love, hate, and forgotten promises... that still must be kept.

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