The deaf Badboy

The deaf Badboy

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Latifa Keller By LatifaKeller Updated Oct 16


The boy at the table is whiter than milk with hair that matches the tangerine sitting on his desk.  He looked  away from me as our eyes connected once. Pale blue eyes to the desk, but not in shyness. With that withdrawn gaze I have been dismissed. I took a step closer to the empty seat at his side. His eyes stayed on the book he was reading. As I sat down he didn't spare me a glance once. 

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What kind of person that is on a DATE would ask someone to choose between themselves and their daughter? Smh
RizRize RizRize Jul 01
I didn't get it ? Everything that happened (with the "bitch" of the school and the jokes) was just in her head ? Like in reality she was just next to Josh's locker the whole time ?
Lol I love corny jokes. Like I would fall out laughing at the simplest sh!t
Synamin2000 Synamin2000 Nov 15
I know many doable things and that man in the pic above is one of them.