Bound To The Alpha

Bound To The Alpha

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Sarah By Lillrah Updated Aug 15

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"I don't love you, Alexandra. We may be bound by fate but you are nothing to me. You never have been-"his husky, cold, detached voice sent shivers of unadulterated fear down my spine; "and you never will be."

Alexandra Grace was strong, uncommitted and unquestionably badass. So, when a man who looks like a dream, smells like heaven and sounds like silk, kidnaps her and then claims to be her soul-mate; it's safe to say that she puts up quite the fight.

Xavier Rivera, on the other hand, is renowned for his lack of mercy, cold heart and harsh words. So, when this big, bad wolf finds his mate and steals the weak human away, he doesn't expect her to be his undoing.  

It doesn't take long for either of them to find that love, whether true or not, can really be quite dangerous.

I think she meant the mission of hooking up and getting in the house before her parents noticed that she was gone.
he's not your father, i'd rather just call him, stranger 😂
I was gonna wait until u finished Damien and Juliet but this is ur last werewolf book i have to finish:// so im kinda just gonna go ahead an read😂😂 srry ur books r just so good
Oh. I thought the dude was just some random hook-up, but wow, man. That's cold.
RomanianFemale RomanianFemale 2 days ago
Meanwhile here I am sleeping 12 hours a day, waking up, putting books in backpack, put on the largest clothes I own, chew a gum and put hair in ponytail and the comfiest shoes on and out the door I go