I will do everything in my power

I will do everything in my power

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KanamexZero By KanamexZeroYaoi2 Updated May 31, 2016

Zero wakes up to see a ring on his finger, a mark on his stomach and a naked pureblood next to him. A curious Pureblood and hunter ask Takuma what happened last night and what the mark on Zero's stomach means. Takuma states that last night at his party the two of them got really drunk and decided to get married and as for the Mark on Zero's stomach....it means that Zero is expecting a child. Not knowing how to react to all the news Zero state's that he is going back to his dorm when in actual fact his not. Zero goes into hiding for 5 months leaving the Pureblood worried about the hunter. In Zero's absence Yuki decides to tell Kaname about her feeling's towards him which Kaname accepts but doesn't quite want to be her lover due to already being married. Yuki tries every day to try and make the Pureblood date her  but each time she fails. 

One day Yuki has had enough and demands to know why Kaname isn't dating her. At that same time, a soft voice greets Kaname. When Kaname see's Zero he runs over to him and pulls him into a hug. Yuki becomes Curious about the relationship between Zero and Kaname so she asks them but they don't give her a answer making her furious. Zero and Kaname head back to the moon dorms to tell everyone about the return of Zero. Announcing that Zero and him are expecting a child. Cross know's of Zero's arrival and has already transferred the teen to the night class. 

Yuki is quite jealous of Kaname's concern over Zero and begins to grow suspicious so she keeps a close eye on the pair for a few months before deciding to ask Takuma questions. Once Yuki finds out that Zero is married to Kaname she becomes extremely jealous. So Yuki plans something BIG! Zero is laying down in Kaname's bed with Kaname sleeping next to him when Zero suddenly feels his water break....but the baby wasn't due for another month. As Kaname get's the doctor Zero is kidnapped while in labor. Will Kaname be able to find Zero?

Shizaya22 Shizaya22 Jun 16, 2017
nice story, but you may want to change your table of contents a little bit as your revealing so much information that it gives everything away to the reader and might make them less likely to read your story.