The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

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Jenni James By JenniJames Updated Oct 03, 2013



Aleck looked up from snipping at the ornamental hedges in the palace garden to see Princess Cascadia coming toward him.  He immediately dropped his shears and lowered into a bow.  "Your highness," he said as he came back up to face the pretty dark-haired young woman.  She looked exceptionally fetching today in a pale blue ribbons and matching gown.

She smiled and then stopped right in front of him.  "Hello," she said again, her fingers slowly twirling the white lace parasol behind her head.

He waited a moment for her to say something while his stomach did flip-flops.  How many days had he watched the beautiful princess and wished for opportunities like this to get to know her and speak with her?  And yet, when they seemed to come, he had nothing to say.  But how does a simple gardener go about speaking with royalty? 

She continued to twirl and wait, her grin growing.  

Say something you dolt!  He swallowed nervously and then asked, "Would like a flower...

thinklove thinklove Oct 06, 2016
Hi  i love your stories so i am looking forward to this one i wil tell you what i think of this book when i am finsh with this boek until then
Failedthetest Failedthetest Nov 20, 2016
I saw it and I first thought of Barbie and if brought me back to my childhood 😍
Mojikki Mojikki Jul 11, 2016
Why are all the boys in your books so incredibly sweet??!! My heart can't take it!! Do you jave any idea how high my standards have risen since I started reading your books?!!😍😍
Tiear_Dragon Tiear_Dragon Mar 28, 2016
I'm pretty sure that there is a Barbie movie called like this.
Gnat_alis Gnat_alis Oct 27, 2015
That escalated quickly . Just kidding just kidding I love it!
HaddieHarper HaddieHarper Aug 03, 2015
This book is on its way to me in the mail! So, I am going to leave reading it on here until it is in my hands. xD