Prison Camp.

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sweetchickx3 By sweetchickx3 Updated 2 years ago
Aqua is a good girl always caring for others instead of herself. She's worked hard to have a roof over her and her mothers head. Her mother decides it's time to give her a good vacation. Her mother's friend plan's the perfect getaway for Aqua. What Aqua didn't expect was getting locked up in  prison camp for troubled teenagers. What's worse is her father is one of the person's who you didn't want to mess with and he's currently locked up for life. With her father's reputation they automatically think she's bad. Being stuck with teens who committed crimes was not on the vacation that was planned for her. Aqua must survive the 4 weeks in this prison camp without getting killed literally. Join her adventure to survive Prison Camp.
More please. I loved this. Is she really dating Luke? If not they seem to have a cute friendship :)
This sounds like such a great story! I'm going to go read the first chapter now --------->
I Think Its Really Good!........Can't  Wait For The Next Chapter!