Their Boss (On Hold)

Their Boss (On Hold)

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Luna Sky By FujoshiKing Updated Nov 30

When Tsunayoshi Sawada died, he found himself in another world but this time he isn't the heir but the older brother of the heirs. One by one they got together and he, Tsunayoshi gained the title of Vongola Decimo again but a tragedy happen. Can they race Tsuna's family race againist time and find the thing they sought for or will it be too late to save their Sky...

On Hold
Could I continue Their Boss and make the Luce Del Cielo, Parareruwārudo no Seikatsu another story or they will be both the same and Luce Del Cielo, Parareruwārudo no Seikatsu is the rewritten version please tell me! I'm confused here and how could I get a Beta? Please help and anyone who can be my beta please PM me.

On hold and will be rewritten. Same plot and same characters but different sequence and such.

What is a beta? And I think you should rewrite it. (No offence)
He means he needs someone to help him write his story. I think I am free but I have no signal and summer days are ready to end.