Sweet StepDaddy (COMPLETE)

Sweet StepDaddy (COMPLETE)

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Christine By mybadluv13 Updated Dec 26, 2016

Nico's Point Of View

My name is Nico Versailles. 15 years old and a high school student. I usually get bullied and harassed by my schoolmates, but I already got used to it. I'm short for my age and I have pale white skin, bright yellow hair and black eyes. I get bullied because of my feminine looks, they would pull me into the rest rooms during break time and started to rape me. But to be honest, I kinda liked it, so I can't actually call it rape, right?

I live with my family, my mom, and annoying little twin sisters. My dad died in a plane crash years ago.

Not to brag but, Versailles are known to its riches and some glimmering shit. We're known because we are rich, simple as that. We live in a mansion not so big, and we own so many houses all over my country. I'm bragging now, right? Okay, I'll stop.

I've had many boyfriends before, but they weren't serious on our relationship. Well, half of them wanted me as their sex slave, and the other half just wanted my family's money. It's ...

Lilli_Says_Die Lilli_Says_Die Dec 28, 2016
I honestly don't know what this is anymore and it's only chapter one
The_Grey_Phantomhive The_Grey_Phantomhive Jun 12, 2016
Yeah... ALL kinds of INSTRUMENTS are there... If  you know what I mean (óò,)
puppyengstrom puppyengstrom Jun 22, 2016
Oh my god... I'm not sure if I should be laughing or worried for his mental health...
gravityfalller233 gravityfalller233 Apr 11, 2016
*Sprinkles holy water everywhere* THIS FANFIC NEEDS ANOINTING!!
DaYaoiStalker DaYaoiStalker May 30, 2016
I'm sorry sir, but you've been diagnosed with hoe-itis. And we haven't found a cure yet..
I hate when call simple boyxboy yaoi not all boyxboy is yaoi