Mommy Doesn't Know (COMPLETE)

Mommy Doesn't Know (COMPLETE)

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Oikawa Aoki By oipeanut Updated Jul 27, 2017

Nico's P.O.V

My name is Nicholas Versailles, Nico for short. I am sixteen years old and still a high school student. I'm the type of twink who's easy to take advantage of, so I was always harassed by people at school. For example, I almost failed at history and the professor asked me to stay after class (Which he doesn't usually do, he doesn't care if his students fail his subject actually.), he gave me a long lecture about how he doesn't like his student failing his classes (Again, he doesn't care.) along with some slaps on my buttcheeks. But I'm not complaining, I actually enjoyed it.

I was usually teased for my feminine looks; I'm quite short and thin for my age, people said I still look fourteen. I have blonde hair and large dark blue eyes, a pointy nose, and pink pouty blowjob lips.

I am currently living with my family. My mom along with annoying little twin sisters. My dad had died in a plane crash years ago just weeks after my little sisters were born.

I don't mean to brag b...

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tootsie-roll01 tootsie-roll01 Apr 11, 2017
It depends you may like it but did you want it? If not then that is a rape if you asked for more than that is a yea
imacigarette imacigarette Mar 31, 2017
Awful wording kinda. But um dear MerlinJesus that's terrible how you said it so.. casually.
ArtisticGirl13 ArtisticGirl13 Jun 09, 2017
Roses are red
                              Thorns are prickly
                              Might I just say
                              That escalated quickly
                              And he's a masochist?
ur rich famous powerful but being taken advantage of? wtf u stupid af for letting that happen
Thanks,Now i can spray it all over a school and then lit the school on fire ;D
                              HAh edgy joke
faith1284 faith1284 Jun 05, 2017
Yes it's rape cause you didn't give consistent and they didn't ask for it