Sexting niall james horan

Sexting niall james horan

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MUKE af By joadyandsarah Updated Jun 21, 2015


Niall Horan- Hey guys. I'm doing and omegle hunt!!! come look for me! ;)

oh my gosh!!!! I might actually meet Niall! i quickly made my self look presentable and opened up omegle. I clicked the start chat button and went through loads of Penis's and 10 year olds.

After 10 minuets of looking I finally heard a thick irish accent, My head jolted up to see a Niall Horan.

"OMG NIALL!! ITS YOU!!!" I yelled looking at the screen. 

"Hello love!" he said smiling,

"is it really you?" i asked looking at him,

"yes, yes it's me!!! the one and only!!" he said laughing

"Oh my gosh, you wont belive how many 10 year olds and penis's i have gone through to find you!!" i said laughing at him.

"ewwwww that sucks, so babe, do you have a kik or some sort of texting way?" he asked looking at me.

"Yeah, i have a kik, its '4brittish1irish' " I replied.

"okay love! i'll text you in a bit! but right now I must go talk to more fans!!!" he explained, we both said bye and disc...

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GabbyClark123 GabbyClark123 Mar 10, 2017
Haha who else thought of one direction when she said that lol and it is true
                              Isn't  that a really small size?
                              Bc B is the smallest after AA and A
daddypigg daddypigg Oct 26, 2015
wait, is that suppose to be big? cuz km that size n I'm not that big...... srry guys I have no filter XD
sarasaraxoxo sarasaraxoxo Oct 19, 2015
My Instagram is 
                              4.3_british.1_irish.4_aussie ❤️ 
                              It was sad when I had to go from 4british to 4.3 British...
HoranGirl13IF HoranGirl13IF May 20, 2013
Look, I like it. But it's literally exactly the same as another story I've read