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Amanda Hocking By AmandaHocking Updated Apr 18, 2013

Author's Note: This an exclusive excerpt for Wattpad readers.

Even over the sea, Thea could smell the blood on her. When she breathed in, it filled her with a familiar hunger that haunted her dreams. Except now it disgusted her, leaving a horrible taste in her mouth, because she knew where it came from.

 "Is it done?" she asked. She stood on the rocky shore, staring over the sea, her back to her sister.

 "You know it is," Penn said. Although Penn was angry, her voice still kept its seductive edge, that alluring texture she could never completely erase. "No thanks to you."

 Thea glanced back over her shoulder at Penn. Even in the dull light of the moon, Penn's black hair glistened, and her tanned skin seemed to glow. Fresh from eating, she looked even more beautiful than she had a few hours before.

 A few droplets of blood splattered Thea's clothes, but Penn had mostly been spared from it, except for her right hand. It was stained crimson up to her elbow.

 Thea's stomach rolled...

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LizbethReynoso0 LizbethReynoso0 Aug 22, 2017
I read the whole series in fifth grade and I loved the series so much, I also read the Trylle series I think that's what it's called. It was also as good as this series, also check out the kanin chronicles it was also as amazing at this one. Those were just some suggestions
XxPandasteinxX XxPandasteinxX Dec 04, 2016
I remeber reading the full book in fifth grade which was 2 years ago I loved it!
TR0842 TR0842 Jul 27, 2015
sorry guys for the stupid question, but how can I read this story on my phone with the wattpad app? I just can see the prologue.
SofiaDawood9 SofiaDawood9 Jun 04, 2015
I. Am. Speechless. And. Loving. This. I. Also. Just. Found. This. Book! Why. Am. I. Still. Typing. Like. This? L.O.L XD
poppyjames poppyjames Feb 08, 2015
I'm so happy that this book is on here! I've been looking for Wake forever and can never seem to find it!
farahpyda farahpyda Dec 15, 2014
I enjoy reading this book and I read them several times already . I love them