Arianna Brooks has always been pretty normal, sure she's done a few rebellious things here and there, but who hasn't? When she's hired by Modest! Management to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, her life is changed forever. She's not allowed to be herself anymore; she has to be a picture perfect "girlfriend" all the time. But can she take all the pressure, hate, and judgment for long? More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?
I haven't started reading this one yet but there is another Harry Styles fan fiction called Role Play. The plot to that one is almost exactly like this one except Harry is a womanizer with a bad attitude and a penchant for getting drunk.
When your a janoskian fan trying to figure out if "ariana brooks" is a joke or a coincidence:/
i think im too picky cos i only read books that are completed i just cant stand the idea of waiting for a book to be updated sorry i know yall dont care
First time !!! cuz I saw it in "discover" and it has "66.8million" view so ... good luck to !e
I've read this b4 but I haven't finish it so I'm starting again. It's Lily and Harry bae <3