Hired for Styles

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Arianna Brooks has always been pretty normal, sure she's done a few rebellious things here and there, but who hasn't? When she's hired by Modest! Management to be Harry Styles' girlfriend, her life is changed forever. She's not allowed to be herself anymore; she has to be a picture perfect "girlfriend" all the time. But can she take all the pressure, hate, and judgment for long? More importantly, what happens when the contract is over?
Lmao real life Harry would probably commit a bigger crime than that , and he's such a dorky cupcake
Kind of dont wanna read if there's no smut... Please if there are any re-readers tell us if there is smut we first timers must know
The comments here are divided into two: 
                                    People who are praying for smut in the book
                                    And people who are curious and want to know tf is smut
                                    Heh, I'm in the first category.
someone please tell me i don't wanna read if there aint no smut
Lots of viewers 65.9 million damnnn even some celebs dont have that many followers on twitter