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Emi da best :) By Emily_the_Unikorn Updated Apr 09, 2017

Something didn't feel right. We make our way across the wooden bridge, hand in hand. The moonlight glistens across the water as the shadows from the trees dance. Jack pulls me down a long deserted road leading to some sort of park at the end. The streetlights closest to us flicker, causing Jack to become nervous for some reason. He whispers something along the lines of "Please not tonight," under his breath. He turns my way, noticing my confusion.

"Don't worry... I'm just afraid of the dark, that's all..." He replies nervously, somehow I knew it wasn't a fear of the dark, but some thing else, something more sinister.

A black car turns in from the end of the road. Suddenly Jack whips me around and yells for me to run. I do as he says for a few meters, but turn to hide behind a bush to watch what happens instead. The car stops only ten meters from him. I notice the windows are fully tinted, I thought you weren't allowed 100% tint... But I realise why as the front doors open. They had come for me. 

The Snatchers


Summer thought she was just ordinary, that she was nothing special. One day, a handsome stranger who goes by Jack Hunter shows in her lounge room to prove her wrong. Yet there are people who are trying all they can to 'take' those with these powers. And it doesn't help that the mysterious Jack may have a dark connection.

Summer was snatched, snatched from normal life.

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