The Psychopath Next Door

The Psychopath Next Door

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gumwum By gumwum Updated Dec 25, 2016

Shutters, lawn nomes, and chimneys. Down on Oak Lane sit two houses next door to each other. Just feet away from each other, a fence the only thing between the houses, live two very different people.

Under one roof hides a virgin afraid to talk to people her own age. Hiding behind thick glasses, and hard cover books, the school mute - Charlie Woods- lives left to the infamous of Griffin Holmes.

In 97 Oak Lane Griffin Holmes is in his own personal prison. Griffin Holmes, the convicted delinquent who use to break and enter because he was bored, the juvenile thug who use to have an illegal underground tattooing ring, the bad boy that set the major's car ablaze because he is angsty, and psychotic.

Griffin Holmes has had his final drive in the back of police cars, strapped down with an ankle bracelet Griffin Holmes in under house arrest for murder. Now off the streets Griffin, the town psychopath is now just behind that little fence every hour of everyday, right next to Charlie Woods.

Thanks to for this masterpiece of a cover!

jspicketts64 jspicketts64 Sep 19, 2016
Just started this chapter, and the picture is scary as hell. Haha
lucky_charms10 lucky_charms10 7 days ago
Girl you are just sad and naive why would u do that, even though I understand that it's your personality but still why... I would leave him and go back to sleep tbh
TheMysteryTwin TheMysteryTwin Jul 27, 2016
The cover of the actual book, looks like a photoshopped Andy Biersack picture. XD
Love this book so farrrrrrr. ..rrmghejjs cjejcjiwivri JiUeujalmowbdbbx
                              *coughs then continues to next chapter
                              Very descriptive... Me like...