Bad Boy's Touch

Bad Boy's Touch

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M I S S . B By Supernatural_baby Completed

(Previously called Blinded by your Touch) 
Amelia Anders is a normal teen wolf. Apart from the fact that she's blind, she wasn't blind from birth she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Her life is now affected, and she has not got her parents' since they were killed by old flames.

Now, meet Riley Sommers, he isn't a alpha there are no alphas or packs by the way, Riley is just your usual bad boy. Living with his  younger sister and her son is difficult without others help. His mother tries her best, but he doesn't look at it that way so he does drugs and drinks.

What do you get when Amelia and Riley cross paths? Throw in a brother that Amelia never knew about, why wasn't he known? More importantly, will Amelia be left rejected and heartbroken, or will he accept her? If the relationship does work, what other gift other than a bad boy romance comes with it?

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meanierenie meanierenie Sep 20, 2017
Uh doesn't it say in the synopsis that her surname is anders
Luvpurple98 Luvpurple98 May 02, 2013
@Supernatural_baby Yayaya!!! Lmao!!! Tht how much I loooovvvveee ur story!!! :D
Supernatural_baby Supernatural_baby May 02, 2013
@Luvpurple98 lmao love how u set tht out!!! I will update tomorrow @ scool if I can
Luvpurple98 Luvpurple98 May 02, 2013
Update soon ok? N take ur time no need to rush... Oh who am I kidding. Please please pleeeeaaassseee update soon ok? I think I'll die without reading ur story!!! Anyways take your time... Ur story is the one story I love!! :D
Supernatural_baby Supernatural_baby Apr 27, 2013
@Luvpurple98 LOOOL, HMMM DUNNO WATZ GOING TO HAPPEN YET. probs jus going to stare into space then think of something :D
Luvpurple98 Luvpurple98 Apr 26, 2013
@Supernatural_baby lol I'm glad I can be both! :D AWESOME!! I can finally know what's gonna happen?!?! Yay!!! :D