The Right Reasons

The Right Reasons

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Emmilin Clerk By emmilinclerk Updated Jul 29

Lady Arabella has always been known as the example- the girl mothers told their daughters to be more like.

Until her twin sister came along. Known as a ridiculous flirt, Lady Alice can't help but be caught in a scandalous position. With her poor eyesight, poor Mrs. Lockway can't help but blame Arabella.

Being accused of scandal with a man she's never met- or heard of- Arabella has but one choice. Marry him to save her reputation.


Note: I have never been to England and quite frankly, I'm making up names and titles. If I state the time to travel wrong or describe it wrong, please suggest another place politely. Also cover photo is edited but from the 2007 movie Northanger Abbey. I DO NOT own photo.

Thank you!

Forcing a lady to marry is wrong. Good historical novel. I like the book cover.
What a h* at least take responsibility for your wh*rish ways
Freesbrd Freesbrd Jun 26
The beginning is making my blood boil already for the sister.  Nice work author for bringing out emotions in me.
The cover is gorgeous; this is most definitely a novel that sucks readers in.  It's extremely nice to see a historical fiction that is extremely true to the time it is in.
TropicGirl TropicGirl Jun 19
Wow. If this was my sister  i'd give a good pull at her cinnamon colored tresses😑
I loved your cover and when I read the description I was intrigued. This is an excellent first chapter! I can't wait to see what will happen! I hate Alice, what an awful and selfish thing to do! Her mother reminds me of Mrs. Bennet!