Forced to Tutor the Bad Boy (Now Editing)

Forced to Tutor the Bad Boy (Now Editing)

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#TMNTis4Life By Crazyanime5 Completed

Cynthia Stephens, your just average high school girl. She is basically a all A class student. She loves to read and her favorite class is Chemistry. She is also...........antisocial.  

Jack Anderson, a young boy who plays football. He is basically a all F student. He loves sports and hates learning. He is very social and has lots of friends. 

One day, the teacher asks Cynthia to tutor Jack. She is actually firced too. 

Two high school students who are totally different, but have a very deep connection.

Chronic_Reader88 Chronic_Reader88 Aug 02, 2016
...This is like part of a chapter... Too soon to know if I'll like it.
Cristella101 Cristella101 Jul 04, 2016
We may not have the same name but she is like me on the library part, I'm addicted to books.
Conquering33333 Conquering33333 Jun 20, 2016
Do we have to keep all thoughts about this book to our selves, cause this is my fourth time reading this, and I love it!
DonutBot DonutBot Dec 19, 2016
No comments at all cause I don't wanna accidently have a curse word slip out right?
watchoutherejicomes watchoutherejicomes Dec 25, 2016
It's actually pretty good for the start I have seen really bad ones so don't think that ures is bad
bella_56_ bella_56_ Aug 28, 2016
I am too but when i get mad i either curse in Spanish or English but i will try.