Library Love

Library Love

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Dewey Decimal Daniels.

               That isn't a name you would expect a girl to have, is it? 

               Thanks to her parents, who first met at the small town's library, she's stuck with the name. But no matter how ironic it may be, she's absolutely in love with the library. She volunteers there as much as she possibly can during the summer and school months. 

               This summer wasn't supposed to be any different. She was only going to volunteer, and read, nothing more, nothing less. Until the last book she had to read, was checked out by the town's well-known delinquent, Leo Steele. What will happen when he ends up losing the book before he can return it? 

               Well, let's just say they're both going to have one crazy summer of adventure, books, and maybe a bit of love.

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Nefarior Nefarior Dec 01
Sounds like my dream job...Lovely start! The description is nice, the chapter is vague enough to have me thirsting for more. Good work! :)
I'm just imagining some hormoney teenager who's chewing gum whilst eating cheetos and drinking fruit punch yelling at a page in his book which he ripped out. I just died a little inside be describing it
well i guess you will have to delete many many comments bc cussing is my second language sorry lmao
Xx_aly27_xX Xx_aly27_xX 6 days ago
You just came out and said it 😂😂😂sucks for people who copy
Hana_H88 Hana_H88 Nov 29
Straight up one paragraph and I can already tell that I'm gonna fall in love with this book
Eh, I'm okay with that unless the characters have a funny way of cursing like in TBBSMB "what the fudge" "Alec freaking Ryder" "grasshole" 😂