Captured- Star Wars Rebels Fanfiction

Captured- Star Wars Rebels Fanfiction

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Anny-chan By XxAnny36xX Completed

( Ezra's P.O.V ) 

I jolted awake to the sound of knocking. "Meet me outside the Ghost in the 5 minites." Kanan said through the door.

I crawled down from the top bunk. Zeb was still asleep, snoring really loudly.

I quietly slipped out of the room yawning. How early was it anyway. The sun didn't even rise yet!

I walked into the kitchen picking up fruit and bit into it.

Chopper came around the corner beeping and he zapped me. "Ow!Ugh! Not Now Chopper! " I yelled elbowing him on the top of his.... Head?

Sabine spoke from her room. "Could you guys keep it down? It is way to early!"

"Sorry!" I said loudly to Sabine. I whispered to Chopper."See what you did? Now Sabine is mad at me.. Thanks a lot! "

Chopper beeped succesfully and rolled off quickly, spinning as he went. I continued making my way for outside.

Kanan was outside waiting for me with two big sticks in his hands.

"Morning Ezra!" Kanan said tossing a stick to me. I clumsily caught it and replied "Morning. So uhmm what's t...

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