The Mafia on 6th Street

The Mafia on 6th Street

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The base of my skull semi-shattered against the bricks, pounding relentlessly. 
"W-what do you want from me?!" I wailed loudly, pleading for someone to find my almost-beaten ass. Who was I kidding? I wasn't some damsel in distress. 

His lips curled into a sadistic uplift "Didn't I tell you to shut the hell up before I shoot your brains out?" He growled as he holstered a gun from his waistband and aimed it at me. 

My heart pounded fiercely in response as I held my breath, waiting for the second where everything goes down....
The second when I was sold...
The second I was born .....
The second when I fell in love........
... All of those just before the second he pulled the trigger. 
The second when my life was shattered.....forever

Angelina is just a mere girl living in New York and is working for a company called, Skylark  Cooperation and Industries, as a PA. Everything changes when a meeting is set up for business men for this unknown deal and contract. But what they didn't know that the so called business men are a combination of criminal masterminds, and let's just say a Mafia.  The meeting becomes a slaughter house, and poor Angelina is taken or rather kidnapped. But Angelina never knew what the contract was all about...It was about her. 

Thrown into Italy, with the most dangerous gang and criminals, all is just well until she meets the notorious, ruthless, and dangerous Damien Giovanni. Mr. Giovanni equals to hell. Just by signing this contract, she had just signed half of her soul to this man.  This criminal or rather mafia is now her lawfully wedded husband. 

Angelina discovers more than why she was sold, but rather discovers dark secrets about her past and family that has overall, resulted her in this position.

Fate was never destined, but rather was written. 

Read on to discover and find out Angelina's story as it unravels.

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Okay when u said Russian accent and the books about Mafia so it reminds me of my book
*crowd applause(👏👏👏)* Beautiful speech for a beautiful story~
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Just wanted to say your writing on both books are totally amazing <33
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Omg this and your second book.. Best book on wattpad tbh.. Love em ahhh.. The shadows of Royalty is like bomb... Ok why am I commenting on here about your second book.. Ok whatever
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