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Welcome to Camp!  (phan) pastel!dan punk!phil AU: book 1 (UNDER EDITING)

Welcome to Camp! (phan) pastel!dan punk!phil AU: book 1 (UNDER EDITING)

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danisnotonchairs By your_wonderful_ily Updated Aug 06, 2016


Dan Howell has a horrible home life with his poor unfortunate family, and his father is constantly taking his anger out on him as abuse. Daniel is a amazing singer who dreams of maybe doing it professionally one day, unfortunately, being through lots of abuse, bullying and even sexual assault from when he was twelve has left Dan a shy person who mostly wears pastel colors and a flower crown to bring some color into his almost completely black and white world. When Dan gets the chance to go to summer camp from his best friend Louise he agrees to get a full summer away from his abusive father. 

Phil Lester goes through life without a worry or a care! Always up to no good! He was a punk he was rude and a horrible bully. He has no reason in particular to act this way. He's gay but won't admit it to anyone including himself so every time he meets a guy or girl who's gay he instantly goes to bully them because he's running from his own sexuality. His family is very wealthy and known for being quite rich owning a mansion of a house with many maids and butlers. His whole family is sophisticated and proper. Phil with his black clothes, blue hair, tattoos and piercings is what they call a disgrace to the family name Lester. 

When these two are forced to share a cabin together how will things go? Will they despise each other? Will they become the best of friends? Or maybe even more?

I don't know who did the art work for the cover, but if you are the artist and you don't want your work as the cover please inform me and I'l take it down!

 I wrote this a long time ago and  a few things in this book is misspelled, and the grammar is horrid, please don't correct it, trust me I know, and I am planning on editing it eventually. Things get better by the second book.

phansept phansept May 11
i'm rly glad you put this in here, helps a lot of people❤️
The description sounded like the beginning of a fairytale I liked it you probably didn't want it to sound like that but I just did it take in a formal man's voice so that's probably why I'm saying it sounded like the beginning of a fairy-tale
I'm very glad you included this for people who are suicidal and need help
DaisyOw0 DaisyOw0 Apr 17
                              I DONT EVEN READ THE WARNINGS ANYMORE
                              WE ALL NEED JESUS
                              SPECIFICALLY ME
LovlyBeliver LovlyBeliver Dec 26, 2016
We thank you for putting the hotlines for people who are going through Rocky spots
fangirl_too_hard fangirl_too_hard Oct 28, 2016
It makes me feel good that the author helps readers who go into phases like suicide i have like depression only not like cutting i am now cheerful!!